Welcome to the Green Plaque

an environmental assessment of your home and how you live in it


We're here to guide you on how best to reduce your environmental footprint and improve the comfort of your home, all while saving you money. Yes, it is possible!

We're not here to lecture. We're just trying to bring people together in the desire to help the planet by achieving a set of easily-attainable goals.


Going green doesn’t have to be a drag

As the impact of climate change on our lives becomes more apparent, the number of people wishing to make their lifestyles more environmentally sustainable is likely to increase.

The problem is: if you live in a conventional house or flat in a town or city, where do you even begin?

Well, you can make a very good start by taking a few simple, cheap and effective measures in and around the home. Cutting your environmental footprint really doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

What’s more, there are many early adopters and businesses out there who can share their invaluable experience and expertise and demonstrate how taking the leap is not just good for the planet, but good for your quality of life, too.

Once you begin, this is likely to be the start of a journey. Because once you get a sense of what you can achieve through your own actions, however small, we suspect you’ll actually become more motivated to take further action, not less.

Which is lucky, because that’s where the Green Plaque fits in.

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Starting you on your journey

The Green Plaque is an assessment tool that poses a series of questions about how you live at home and suggests actions you can take to reduce your environmental impact. It also provides some basic information and links to other resources.

We do this to help you set yourself some realistic goals, which you can focus on achieving at your own pace and within your budget.

There’s no finger-wagging here: what you do and when you do it is entirely up to you. But you might be surprised at the financial and environmental savings you can make with the minimum of effort or investment.

You’re not alone

There are loads of people, like you, who want to reduce their environmental impact. We want the Green Plaque to become a community that consists of people like you from across the country, as well as manufacturers and providers, to help speed the tide of progress.

Our members can share their expertise and experiences, whether it’s an early-adopter who has introduced a system into their home, or customers who want to discuss products and share feedback.

The community serves two functions. On the one hand, it will be a source of support for those in need of help and advice. On the other, it will help satisfy your hunger for more information and progress.

Three is a magic number: 

The Green Plaque is designed to ease you into a process that reduces your environmental footprint, and comes in three levels:

Level 1 Set some goals

Choose the actions and timescales you feel comfortable with.

Level 2 Achieve your goals

Tell us what you've done and show us the evidence, and a Green Plaque window sticker is yours.

Level 3 Into the future

This process looks in more detail at your home and how you live in it, and makes recommendations that aim to follow the Passivhaus recommendations.

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