Towards a more sustainable lifestyle...


While successive governments have focused on tightening the environmental standards of new homes – those built since 2000 – they have largely ignored the far greater environmental footprint of existing homes.

The Green Plaque-Home, looks to work with the most important people of all, those who live in the home day in, day out.

The Green Plaque is designed to address this policy gap by highlighting how the owner or tenant of  homes can begin to reduce their environmental impact, and consists of:

A questionnaire and information resource to help you decide where you can realistically reduce your environmental footprint within your own budget and timescales.

A community of likeminded people who want to make a difference and maximise our collective progress by sharing experiences, expertise and support on what does and doesn’t work.

However, while the questionnaire is primarily focused on what you can do around the home, we believe this will raise awareness of, and desire to change, the bigger picture.

And it will probably get you thinking. For instance, did you know that around a fifth of all existing homes overheat, even in the coolest summers? As the climate warms, this will only become a greater issue.

Knowledge is power – and we believe that once you have the knowledge, you won't want to go back.

So what is the Green Plaque?

It's the only detailed accreditation scheme that addresses the main environmental issues in the home.

It allows homeowners and tenants to choose and focus on realistic actions that will reduce their environmental footprint – and, likely, their bills. Once they have verifiably completed these actions, participants can receive a Level 2 Green Plaque.

There's nothing dictatorial or enforced here. The whole process is fun, educational and informative, and is designed to bring people together in the aim of making widespread environmental improvements.

The Green Plaque assessment process – click here
to find out how it works