Assessing your home

Three levels of Green Plaque goodness

Level 1

This is an online submission process to encourage people to think about their home and lifestyle, and to make commitments to certain improvements or objectives.

The online assessment is directed at the whole household – including other family members, where applicable – and encourages participants to select from a range of actions covering energy use and water consumption, to insulation and waste recyling.

The process incorporates links to resources that help provide some context on what is considered best practice on the full range of environmental impact issues.

Once completed, the participant's choices are saved and presented as a specification of goals to be achieved, according to their timescale. The resulting action plan will incorporate several measures that will make an impact without incurring significant cost.

Then it's time for Level 2...

Level 2

This is also an online process and is geared towards recognising those participants who have successfully completed their action plan.

The level will be assessed by the supply of evidence either by the use of photography or a confirmation statement from you, or both.

Unlike so many of the other environmental assessment, the Green Plaque is not especially onerous or exacting. However, it is designed to be robust and detailed.

Participants who successfully complete Level 2 will be awarded a Green Plaque window sticker.

Of course, we would have loved to have sent out a proper Green Plaque at this stage, but the thought of everybody climbing up ladders and knocking holes in walls scared us a bit.

But your Green Placque sticker will still be dead cool, and will not only mark your fine achievement, but will hopefully also inspire your neighbours' curiosity and, even better, action.

This is the funadmental point of the scheme: to get people to come together to enter into a conversation about what we can do to slow the rate of environmental damage our modern lifestyles cause.

Levels 1 and 2 will address the same fundamental environmental issues under the following headings:

Saving Energy Keeping Cool
Water Reduce, Re-use & Recycle
Fixtures & Fittings Lifestyle
Reducing Consumption Biodiversity

After you've completed Level 2, it's time for the big one!

Level 3

This will be a step change for most residents. This is where the real work begins.

We will stay with you guys for a year or two. No, not sleeping in the spare room, but we wnat to keep pusing forward. Be this on a new development, or invidually we want to carry on making change, and building our Green Plaque Community.

Lifestyle also remains key at this level, and this will develop within the Green Plaque forum. We are also working hard to secure supplier discounts on products that may help lead to a Level 3 Green Plaque award.

Working in partnership

We expect Level 3 to involve a much closer level of engagement between us here at the Green Plaque, the householder and product manufacturers and suppliers. 

This partnership seeks to deliver a package of changes that not only significantly improves the applicant's home environmental efficiency, but also follow through on more holistic performance targets.

We expect the scheme will be funded through donations, subscriptions, supplier contributions, as well as a general fund raising and consultancy fees.

As for the previous levels, there is no obligation – it's not designed to make money or force you to anything you don't want to do.

But it is a great chance to see what could be done and to think about doing it.

Click here to take your first small steps
toward a more sustainable, less costly lifestyle