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Specialsing in energy saving radiator reflectors, Radflek partnered with the Green Plaque delivering low-cost energy-saving solutions that are easy to install yet highly effective.

The Green Providers Directory is the UK’s leading source of eco-friendly, fair trade and ethical companies. Founded in 2005 by Dr Gary Robertshaw, it is free and easy to use. 

More than just another lifestyle magazine Eco Living is delivering a real message, helping it's readers to make discerning choices when it comes to purchasing homes, holidays, food and goods which will, by their nature, help nurture and ultimately save our planet.

Helping achieve financial objectives while having a positive impact on the planet.

Providing independent financial advice driven by a strong desire to help conscientious investors, create a more sustainable world by aligning savings and investments with ethical beliefs.

Level 3 Services

Whole house retrofit specialist – energy analysis, cost estimation & project planning for low energy refurbishment.